Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Workshops Catalogue

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My workshops are always designed to make it easy for everybody, without any sacrifice to quality results.

Online workshops are offered only one-on-one, unless technology catches up so we could use free broadcasting software for more than two participants at a time.
The loophole: if two participants are working at the same location, using the same video camera, or two.

All the workshops are customized for the participant(s), according to their needs, schedule, level of acquired skills, and even their budget.
Email me for more details.

Please note that I also offer workshops in person, locally, nationally, and internationally.
Email me for this as well.

System requirements for online workshops:
Properly setup computer with high-speed internet, webcam and microphone.

Supplies not included, and will be adapted according to availability at location of participants.
I favor easy to find, non-toxic, and inexpensive materials.
Materials list will be provided before workshops starts.

Mode of Payment: Paypal (which accepts major credit cards and bank transfers (e-check)).

Montreal Mask Making Workshop: 25$

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Utilisez ce calendrier
pour voir les dates confirmées, celles qui sont encore disponibles, et celles qui sont annullées. Mise à jour au minimum deux fois par jour.

Use this calendar to see the confirmed dates, , the possible dates, and the cancelled dates. It is updated twice a day, at least. Click to enlarge.